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Everything You Need to Know About BVBA TRANSPORT DE MONDT Escrow


How does BVBA TRANSPORT DE MONDT protect the seller?

BVBA TRANSPORT DE MONDT protects sellers by verifying all buyer purchase funds up front before any exchange of items takes place. This eliminates the risk of non-payment or insufficient funds and guarantees serious buyers – not just window-shoppers..


How does BVBA TRANSPORT DE MONDT protect the buyer?

BVBA TRANSPORT DE MONDT protects buyers by holding their funds in a neutral, third-party bank account until their purchase agreement is completed. Funds cannot be pushed to the seller without the buyer’s approval, protecting against misrepresentation and keeping honest people honest.

BVBA TRANSPORT DE MONDT buyers provide funds via bank wire transfers.

BVBA TRANSPORT DE MONDT only releases escrow funds at the specific requests of both the buyer and seller. Both parties should agree to expectations regarding the release of funds in the transaction details.


Once the goods are shipped
Once the transportation company confirms pick-up
Once the goods are received and inspected by the buyer

The buyer can request a refund after the transaction has been completed, with a request to BVBA TRANSPORT DE MONDT delivery driver. The request will be submitted to the seller for their approval and, once approved, BVBA TRANSPORT DE MONDT will process the payment.

Yes. Partial payments can be made should the seller request only a portion of the total transaction amount. Partial payments are up to the discretion of both buyer and seller.

BVBA TRANSPORT DE MONDT is an escrow and transport company located across Europe with it’s main office in Belgium. BVBA TRANSPORT DE MONDT offers international air and land freight for urgent parts, heavy machinery, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, mining equipment or other oversize cargo.

Once the buyer approves the payment request, BVBA TRANSPORT DE MONDT will process the seller’s automated clearing house (ACH) payment during normal banking hours (usually Monday through Friday.) The seller will typically receive the funds within two business days.

An ACH (automated clearing house) transfer is the electronic transfer of funds processed by an electronic network of financial institutions.


Our Vision

BVBA TRANSPORT DE MONDT will be the world’s best and most sought after international movers of heavy machinery

Our Mission

We shall develop BVBA TRANSPORT DE MONDT globally, by;

Being the best we possibly can
Doing our best to understand our customers’ present and future needs
Addressing problems with carefully considered and superbly executed solutions
Expanding our markets
Exploring strategic alliances, partnerships and acquisitions
Developing a crew of enthusiastic professionals and recognizing their importance in our organisation